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Cold Water

by Protest the Hero

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Cold Water 05:54
Twisting through contorted limb Sober now from distant whim Batten down the hatches The storm approaches, the thunder crashes It cannot wait It must be now A shot’s been fired across the bow What presence here has been proclaimed? What once was unspoken is finally named So this is sinking, or so it seems Diving fathoms in lucid dreams With lungs now aching, begging for air And only cold water answers With a cinder block anchor, hope turns to despair Ripped from the womb and left to the ocean’s care Cold water So just sink, let go, slip into the depths Let the pieces of a wasted life slip past the fingertips Rejoice, exult, a fitting conclusion to a melancholy myth A grave at sea, an absentee, whose presence won’t be missed Picking at the bones that came to rest on the ocean bed Whose subtle pose tells a tale of those that sink like lead Summon the ire left hanging in moments that swings by the neck to and fro. Assured by the light that there’s one way to go Death is callous, strange, and sudden A pious, indignant glutton Whose hands are soft, warm, and inviting


This one grew up as a "Mr. Lahey", but as it neared adulthood, we knew it needed a real song name. We give you "Cold Water" - enjoy!


released December 15, 2015

All music written and performed by Protest the Hero:
Luke Hoskin, Tim MacMillar, Rody Walker, Mike Ieradi, Cam McLellan
Engineered and Produced by Cameron McLellan @ Sunset Division Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Drums Engineered by Dean Hadjichristou @ All Buttons In Studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Calabretta
Original Artwork by Jeff Jordan
Layout and direction by John Meloche


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Protest the Hero Toronto, Ontario

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